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Lab info

Table of contents

  • Lab members and contact info

  • Location of lab and office

  • Ordering

  • Billing info

  • Booking rooms

Lab members and contact info

1. Glennis Logsdon (PI)

​   email:

   phone: 270-404-2662

   PennKey: glogsdon

   PennID: 17005512


2. Shu-Cheng Chuang (Research Specialist)

​   email:

   phone: 480-527-8885

   PennKey: scchuang

   PennID: 86777733


3. Keith Oshima (Bioinformatician)

​   email:

   phone: 323-787-2402

   PennKey: koisland

   PennID: 36148521

Location of lab and office


We are located in the Smilow Center for Translational Research on 3400 Civic Center Blvd.


The lab’s address (for shipping):

Recipient’s name (or Shu-Cheng Chuang)

9-176 Smilow Center for Translational Research

3400 Civic Center Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19103


Glennis’s office (for visits):

9-133 Smilow Center for Translational Research

3400 Civic Center Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19103




The Logsdon lab order sheet is available here. Please add to it when you need to purchase an item. Shu-Cheng will place orders weekly or as needed for urgent items.


Billing info


Please make all charges to Glennis’s R00 grant (for research-related items) or start-up fund (for technology or miscellaneous items).

R00 (research-related): 400-4108-4-589213-5228-2426-5362

Start-up (technology or miscellaneous): 400-4108-2-014005-5249-2426-5362

Start-up (research-related; use if R00 runs out): 400-4108-2-014005-5228-2426-5362

Booking rooms

  • To book rooms 9-100, 9-120, or 9-158:

    • Send an email to Joanne and Colleen, or just stop by and ask one of them (Joanne is primary, and Colleen is her back-up).

    • Diona can also book these if neither of them are available.

    • These rooms are not managed by the Scheduling and Event Services Department, so there are no rules around food/alcohol, and housekeeping cleans them once at the end of the day, so folks make sure to tidy up after their meetings.

    • Room 9-158 is kept unlocked and is available as a quiet place for trainees to work outside the lab, and they are welcome to use the computers in there. They only need to reserve it if they need privacy and want to lock the door (it's being used a lot for interviews right now). If it ever is locked, Joanne has the key (which Colleen can get if Joanne is out). 

    • The AV in these rooms is pretty straightforward, but Joanne or Colleen could help if you run into any trouble. 

    • The Epigenetics Institute also owns a fancy camera for hybrid meetings ( that we can use for lab meetings. We keep it in the cabinet outside of Shelley's office and can ask Roberto Bonasio's lab manager, Tim, how it works as they use it for their lab meetings.


  • There are rooms that end in "100" and "120" available to reserve on the 8th, 10th, 11th, and 12th floors as well, so Joanne and Colleen sometimes reach out to our colleagues on those floors if the 9th floor rooms are not available.


  • Joanne and Colleen can also book room 9-146 and all the 146 rooms on the other floors. These (and many other rooms around the Med School campus, which they can also book) are managed by SES and must be reserved through their system. If you're bringing in food we have to fill out the caterer info in their system, and we also have to check a box that if we're serving alcohol we hired a Penn-approved bartender. You have to put in a budget code to reserve these rooms (in case of damage), and AV support is available for a fee. Housecleaning comes after every meeting and resets the room. 

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