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New faculty

- Useful links to set up the lab: Essential Links for New Faculty | PennEHRS (
There are a number of useful things in there: new faculty registration; biohazard waste pick-up; chemical waste, lab inspections...
I recommend getting in touch with EHRS, they will send a person to your lab and they will explain everything you need to do, they are very nice and helpful!

- Related to the above link, please see this: EHRS Workday Learning Selection Guide | PennEHRS (
That guide will help you decide which training you need to take, and also what training to assign to your lab members when they join.
Besides the training mentioned there, if you will be placing orders, you should get Training for BEN Buys - Purchasing Requisitioner + (you can also find it in Workday, you sign up and then the class is in person).

- Seminar series for new Faculty: The First Few Years on Faculty Series | Faculty Career Development | Office of Academic Affairs | Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (

- This podcast is great:

- This training is also SUPER useful, I did it on my first year:

- Onboarding for Teaching: Onboarding for Teaching | Faculty Career Development | Office of Academic Affairs | Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (



- Ultra low freezer program: Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Program | Penn Sustainability (

- Ben's attic (aka surplus, lots of useful things here, like free glassware!): Penn: BEN's Attic (

- The Richard's Society (we have a grant support group called "Richards-GPS"): The Richards Society | Office of the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer | Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (
Be on the lookout for emails, if you are an Assistant Professor on the Tenure-Track you are automatically part of the Society and will get our emails.

- Graduate programs! Just email the chair of the program that you like and tell them you're interested in joining.
NGG (neuroscience graduate group): contact Joshua Gold (
CAMB (Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Group): contact Daniel Kessler (
CAMB is subdivided into 6 subgroups (plese see Welcome to CAMB | Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Group | Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (; I asked to be part of CPM (Cell Biology, Physiology, and Metabolism) but you may actually prefer the Genetics and Epigenetics program (for that one the person to contact is Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou).
BMB (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Graduate Group): contact Kim Sharp (

- Book club (you get the book for free and then there's an online discussion with the author, it's great): Penn Medicine Book Club (

- Penn Campus Recreation (you can pay a monthly pass to use the gyms, pools and join group activities like yoga or pilates - now there's a promotion, you can get discounted membership if you sign up during the month of September): Penn Campus Recreation - Official Athletics Website (

- List of foundation grants for early career scientists (VERY USEFUL!): Early Career Funding Opportunities | VPR at JHU

- New lab start-up programs (DISCOUNTS!!):
Fisher (discounts for 1 year): New Lab Start-Up Program (
Sigma (discounts for 6 months, some are huge, you can order salts/regents/media everything you need in bulk with 40-80% discount and stock-up): New Lab Start-Up Program (
Eppendorf (I got back 20% of the money I spend with them, and used it to buy other products): LabStart - Eppendorf
And in general: please ask for discounts everywhere you buy, I got 20% discount when buying antibodies, 10% discount buying the electrophysiology equipment, 5% discount from Nikon, and 20% discount in some things from VWR, and free delivery from many places. Just email them, tell them you are a new lab and if they have any promotions or discounts. Also order in bulk for things you can store for long term, because with the inflation, everything now is 20-30% mor expensive than last year, so see it as an investment to make your start-up count and not get devaluated with time.

- This is a good link to have, in case you or somebody in your lab needs counseling (i.e. support for stress, distress, and crisis): Wellness at Penn | Wellness at Penn (

- Penn Home Ownership Services: Penn Home Ownership Services | Business Services (

Current Supported Computing Products | UPenn ISC
Available Software (

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